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Simple and easy to use with one line of code. We have 3 ad units available, a text ad, image ad, and discreet popup that can be easily dismissed.

Text Only Ad Code

The text only ad unit can display as many text ads as you wish at random and is responsive to any screen size.

<script src=""></script>

Image Ad Code

The image ad unit can display as many image as you wish a 130px by 100px image. It is fully responsive to screen size.

<script src=""></script>

Popup Ad Code

The popup will show on page load at the bottom right of the screen and can be easily dismissed by clicking the X to close the box.

<script src=""></script>

An alternative to online advertising

We penguins believe that privacy is a fundamental human right that should be respected and protected. As such, we are committed to creating a safer and more secure online advertising environment that does not compromise the privacy of people that use the web.

Experimenting with ads

We are currently experimenting with an alternative to traditional online advertising that does not rely on intrusive tracking scripts, targeted ads, or external JavaScript. Our solution is designed to provide a more privacy-focused and open-source approach to online advertising, putting the control back in the hands of advertisers and publishers.

Fully tranparent approach

Our approach is based on a belief that the future of online advertising must prioritize user privacy and data security. This means that we are committed to developing innovative and effective advertising solutions that do not compromise on privacy, and that are completely transparent and open-source.

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We currenly have 3 ad units available and they are all automatically responsive to the size of the screen they are displayed on. A discreet popup, a text only ad unit, and an image ad unit.

It is sized at 130px wide by 100px in height.

Yes, you can and it doesn't have to be for an ad.

The popup ad code is available below:


Your Ad Here


Of course! Check out the giveaways channel in our Discord for more information.

No, we just also happen to love penguins and prefer using Linux-based software and tools that are free and open to everyone. Curious Penguins follows an "Open source first" approach that we look to open source before we consider vendor-based products. We understand that using open source technology correctly requires us to do more than just consume, that is why we commit talent and resources to participate in the open source community.

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